20 January 2013

Bookingrid: how we handle your payments

Bookingrid accepts payments with PayPal.

Such solution makes our booking system incredibly safe and anonymous because we do not require your personal details other than your email address to confirm your booking.

We don’t need your payment card details and we do not store your personal data other than your ID in our system. We are able to make refunds to the same source you use with your PayPal account. Such solution makes our booking system incredibly safe and anonymous!

Regardless when you make a payment to us, we transfer your money to the restaurant in lump sums before or after it happens. Hence there is no need to wait until your money reach the restaurant. Our fees payable by restaurants are also regularly invoiced to the restaurants and offset against the bulk payments.

If you are unsatisfied with the service provided by the restaurant, we refund your money and withhold the payment to the restaurant. 

If you are unsatisfied, we settle your claim. We refund your money and retain our payment to the restaurant.

Posted by Sergey


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