16 July 2013

A new generation of Bookingrid front-end interface

Meet oFrames based on Bookingrid public API.

Some time ago we started to develop a new generation of consumer front-end interface. Our experimental frames, which we call eFrames, have proved themselves a very reliable tool. But they lacked versatility...

Now a new generation of 'open frames' - oFrames - is introduced. At first glance (try this...), they look just identical to eFrames. However, in contrast to eFrames, oFrames allow several new options. Firstly, our brand new tool for Bookable Gift Vouchers is implemented on oFrames (have a look). Secondly, the look of oFrames can be tuned to specific needs of a particular supplier - good bye frames with knives and forks for spa sessions!

Bookingrid public API allows customers of Bookingrid Web Platform to use custom applications tailored exclusively for them.

Posted by Sergey