What It Is

  1. Exchange Based Booking Platform
  2. Value Proposition for Restaurant
  3. Value Proposition for Client
  4. Middleman
  5. Virtual office concept
Exchange Based Booking Platform

Our product offers an effective, innovative opportunity to maximize the benefit for companies offering bookings, as well for as the clients who make these bookings. The selling companies can get access to clients willing to pay maximal prices for their services and clients can find the most beneficial offers. As a result, the number of committed deals is maximised.

The main trait that makes our product outstanding is the use of a totally new model of interaction between businesses and their clients.

Value Proposition for Restaurant

Restaurants get the possibility to offer each particular table at an individual discount. In return, every client can make a counter-claim on the amount of discount he expects. Then the restaurant decides on whether it accepts the offer or not. If they come to an agreement the deal gets through.

Advantages for restaurants:
  • attracts clients who want to pay most
  • eliminates no-shows
  • fills the restaurant even in quiet periods
From the perspective of the restaurant, the system is an application for managing its dining hall. All data about the client’s reservation is entered and processed by the system.

Value Proposition for Client

Advantages for clients:
  • can get a table in their favourite restaurant even it is fully booked
  • are offered discounts during quite periods
  • usage is free of charge
Clients make their bookings through sales channels:
  • provided by the system;
  • independently created by the restaurants using the interface of the booking system (i.e. placing the interface of the system on their own web page, private partnerships with any local resources etc.);
  • others existing on the market (other online restaurant booking systems, Facebook etc.);
Using the interface provided by the system results in maximizing the revenue.
The major advantage of processing all orders in a single center is that it allows you to avoid the duplication of orders as well as other problems often encountered when using disparate sales channels.


We see ourselves as an intermediary between restaurants and their clients, ensuring for both the most benefit. Currently, this place is vacant.

We do not plan to buy restaurants to sell bookings.
We do not plan to spend millions on front-end promotion.
We do not plan to hire an army of sales people to bring our service to the market.

All we plan to do is to keep a fee when existing clients meet existing businesses. Just in a bit different way.

Virtual office concept

The core of our team is formed by a few highly competent managers who operate globally from Los Angeles to Moscow to secure our company a predominant position on the market online booking services. Our managers have strong education backgrounds and graduated from the world’s most prestigious universities.

We have adopted an outsourcing strategy to develop the product. It has been proved quite successful so far, giving us an opportunity to maintain the best balance of high standards and reasonable costs through the constantly encouraged competition. We have established reliable relationships with leading IT companies from the UK and abroad which contribute to our success.


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