24 April 2012

Restaurant no-shows: are booking websites to blame?

A number of high-end restaurateurs and industry experts have condemned the use of online reservation systems, claiming booking websites are contributing to the growing number of people booking tables and not showing up.

Mark Poynton, chef -patron of Restaurant Alimentum in Cambridge, echoes the view, that booking websites have added another dimension to the problem, revealing the financial damage that fickle diners are causing for his business.

"This year alone we have had 43 tables not show up, which equates to over 100 people and about £7,000 in revenue," he said. "And it is mainly toptable that's the problem. We try to keep track of everybody that does and does not show up to the restaurant, but if the trend continues then we may end our time with toptable and hopefully gain more revenue".

So maybe an exchange based booking platform which gives the client the possibility to sell his reseravtions could turn out the solution for this problem ?

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14 April 2012

Update: "The Button" has been developed!

"The Button" software has been developed and is ready to install. Hopefully, the next post will have a link to a first restaurant-publisher. If anyone is interested in having a look at "The Button" before that, please send password and link request to query@bookingrid.com. A relevant brief instruction will also be provided. A few introduction meetings with restaurants have given 100% positive feedback.

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12 April 2012

Noma fights no-show

Do all restaurateurs love their clients? No doubt, unless you do no-show.
Noma, the most rated place in the world, is leading the gang in customer relations management.

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11 April 2012

"Hot New London Restaurant Dabbous Is Worth Wait", but why wait if you can get a table now?

Fancy lunch at Dabbous, the new restaurant of a little-known chef that opened earlier this year?
The first available table is on June 19. Or maybe you’d prefer a weekend dinner for two? That will be September 22. But what about using Bookingrid and being just a few mouseclicks away from a reservation for a dinner tonight ?

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"Knives Are Out for No-Show Diners"

Recently the Wall Street Journal published an article about the increasing number of no-show diners which pose a risk for the restaurant business. In response restaurants started to look for ways to deal with no shows. But the solution is already there. It's Bookingrid. To find out why read about what Bookingrid offers.

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