1 June 2012

Customers say "Yes" to deposits for restaurant bookings

According to a recent poll 82.8 % of restaurants customers were in favour of a deposit when taking bookings.

No-shows are costing some Hunter restaurant owners hundreds of dollars a night in wages and wasted produce as diners make bookings, sometimes for large groups, fail to turn up, or arrive with half the number of people they had booked for.

Restaurateurs who spoke to the Newcastle Herald said ‘‘no shows’’ were an expensive and regular occurrence which was embarrassing for operators and could cost at least one wage for the night.

In a business that runs on tight profit margins, a couple of parties failing to show can wipe out a night’s takings and result in produce, prepped for a fine dining experience, dumped in the garbage with the evening’s scraps.

In response restaurants started to look for ways to deal with no shows. But the solution is already there. It's simply called Bookingrid. To find out why read about what Bookingrid offers.

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Posted by Wlad