21 July 2012

The London Evening Standard publishes an article about us

Yesterday the London Evening Standard published an article about us with the title: "The latest experience in London dining: Pay for your meal before you eat it".

London venues are looking at introducing an “airline-style online reservation system called Bookingrid — where customers pay in advance for a table, spending more the closer they book to the time they want to turn up. Restaurateurs say it could revolutionise their industry. Under the new system, dining rooms “sell” tables with a minimum non-refundable spend per head — for instance £100 for a table for two. Customers pay by credit or debit card at the time of booking.

Indian restaurant The Cinnamon Club, in Westminster, is among those considering the new system. Marketing manager Priyanka Sharma said: “It could revolutionise the whole restaurant booking system. It could be good from the customer’s point of view because if they don’t have much time, they won’t have to waste it ringing around to see if they can get in somewhere, they can simply use the site to buy the table they want.

“Of course not everyone will want to put all their money up front, but we do get no-shows every day and this could make a difference.”

To get to the full article click here.

Posted by Wlad


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