2 December 2013

We have made a bunch of improvements in the latest release, as well as hunted down and fixed some bugs. The source code has been completely re-assembled for performance  enhancements throughout.

New features:
  • Your project is not restaurant? We can apply customized layouts to suppliers' oFrames in a blink - Event oFrames:
    • Smart Layout: No plate and fork in the background, more neutral texts
    • Streamlined navigation with Quick Filter: Several buttons to select the desired number of guests
    • Description of Event added on the confirmation page
  • Improved Look: Several default images available for gift vouchers
  • Meet Customers page: Guest email addresses seen next to the delivery codes
  • Better Email Administration: From the administration interface, ability to turn on/off certain notifications

Still new:
  • Choose a start screen of your project's oFrame: gift voucher page or calendar view
  • Transfer enabled from oFrames, right after payment confirmation
  • Rich Transfer Email Layout: Better look for all transfer emails
  • Exchange Function: From your Diary, exchange your gift voucher for the desired offers from suppliers' calendars, or swap your reservation for another date and time

We are always listening, so please post your comments here or send your words of encouragement and suggestions to hi@bookingrid.com



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