24 September 2013

Shall we look for innovative marketing techniques?

"Traditional marketing techniques deliver ever-decreasing results. It's time for a review of how to connect and reach customers" --  Robert Craven.
Full text is available here.

But before looking for something extraordinary, it is worthwhile to review existing opportunities to see if you are taking advantage of it. Gift voucher is a certainly underestimated sales channel within the independent restaurants.

Some people just give an email address for special requests to be sent. Vast majority don't use it at all. This only means they are simply neglecting up to 3% of revenues normally generated by online gift voucher facilities converting the traffic to website into cash.

To help restaurants to explore gift voucher opportunities, we have developed luvspoon.com, a gift voucher aggregation web resource for fine restaurants.

Those who fancy to join and to know more details, please go to the restaurant information resource joinluvspoon.com.

- Igor


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